Frequently Asked Questions About MaleGenix

Commonly asked questions by our customers can be found here:

How Does MaleGenix Work?

MaleGenix works by utilizing its ingredients to the best of their abilities, which is possible thanks to MaleGenix's B.A.S.E. formula. What this formula does is essentially synergizes the abilities of these potent ingredients, allowing for vast improvements in areas of libido, sexual endurance, erection quality and penis size. This revolutionary formula allows MaleGenix to outperform all competition and to do so with minimal side effects.

Is MaleGenix Safe?

MaleGenix is both very safe and effective because it only contains 100% naturally derived ingredients. MaleGenix makes the most of these natural ingredients without the need for synthetically derived ones, dramatically improving its safety. There have been no side effects seen during testing nor any side effects reported by users, solidifying this position even further.

If you are someone who suffers from a serious pre-existing health condition, it is in your best interest to consult your doctor before taking MaleGenix or any other supplement as it could negatively impact your health.

What Results Should I Expect With MaleGenix?

MaleGenix users should expect a dramatic improvement in all areas related to sexual performance, especially in the areas of sex drive, sexual endurance, erection quality and penis size. MaleGenix's breakthrough Biologically Accelerated Sustained Expansion allow the user to benefit from both immediate improvements to their sexual performance, and ones which they can enjoy for months, even years down the line.

In addition, the user will benefit from the penis enlarging effects of MaleGenix which take longer to take effect. Due to the complicated nature of this process, it usually begins to occur around 3-4 weeks time and is not completed for at least 3-6months. If users which to see the maximum growth in their penis size, it is recommended to take MaleGenix for at least this period of time.

How Quickly Will I See Results with MaleGenix?

MaleGenix's B.A.S.E. formula allows its fast-acting ingredients to immediately go to work, benefiting the user in greater levels of libido, sexual endurance, erection quality and energy in just 30-60 minutes after ingestion. This gives the body the proper amount of time to process all of these nutrients and to put them to use.

The delayed-released components found within MaleGenix are what allow the user to see improvements in their penis size and consistently over time. These changes begin to happen as early as 4 weeks after taking MaleGenix, which take full effect 3-6 months after beginning use. This is why users should take MaleGenix for least this period of time to achieve the best results possible.

What is the Best Way to Take MaleGenix?

The best way to take MaleGenix as a comprehensive male enhancement solution is to take it every day on a consistent basis, which allows the ingredients to circulate through the body 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In doing so this allows the ingredients to best sync with the body's natural biochemical processes, maximizing their effect.

MaleGenix has the added benefit of being an excellent erectile enhancer in a pinch as well. Users need only to take MaleGenix 30-60 minute prior to when they plan on having sex to greatly enhance their erections, and to avoid experiencing erectile dysfunction.

Is MaleGenix Legit?

MaleGenix is the result of years of clinical testing that has resulted in the most advanced male enhancement product currently on the market. MaleGenix is absolutely proven to work, and is 100% legitimate. Unfortunately the same cannot be said for fake MaleGenix products sold through other parties so protect yourself by only ordering from

How Can You Tell Real MaleGenix from a Fake?

As is the case with virtually any other successful brand out there, MaleGenix counterfeits exist. The best way to protect yourself from buying a counterfeit item is to only buy directly through our website, and not through a 3rd party. No other sites or suppliers have been given the authority to sell our product, so you should expect to receive a fake if you are ordering elsewhere. Products that are purchased from other companies are not covered under our warranty either, so only order through our website.

How Does MaleGenix Protect My Privacy?

All orders that are placed through our website are processed and shipped in a manner to best protect our customer's safety and security. We are fully aware that this is a sensitive business, and that our customers do not want our product labels plastered all over their packages. We have taken all the necessary efforts to ensure that your product is delivered to you in the most discreet way we possibly can.

Does MaleGenix Offer a Guarantee?

Yes, all orders that are placed through our official website are backed by our money-back guarantee. We do this because we are so confident in the effectiveness of our product, and expect that our customers will feel the same way. In the rare case that our customer is unsatisfied with MaleGenix, they can simply contact our customer service team by e-mail or phone to receive a refund.